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What in the world is an I-buyer and do they really buy homes in MY MARKET???

In recent years, a new type of homebuyer has emerged in the real estate market. These homebuyers are known as iBuyers, and they use cutting-edge technology to purchase homes without ever stepping foot inside them. So, how does it work? And is it a good option for everyone? Let's take a closer look.

What is an IBuyer?

An iBuyer is a company that uses technology to buy and sell homes quickly and easily. The most well-known iBuyers are Opendoor, Offerpad, and Zillow Offers. These companies have websites and apps that allow homeowners to input their address and get an instant offer on their home. There are also smaller localized buyers who make aggressive offers site unseen with just a few clicks or questions.

If the homeowner accepts the offer, the iBuyer will then send out an inspector to assess the condition of the home. Once the inspection is complete, the iBuyer will provide the homeowner with a final cash offer. If the homeowner accepts this offer, they can choose their closing date and move out at their convenience. It's that simple!

Is Selling to an IBuyer a Good Idea?

Now that we know how iBuying works, you might be wondering if it's a good idea to sell your home to an iBuyer. The answer depends on your individual circumstances. Here are some Pros and Cons of selling to an iBuyer:


-You can sell your home fast - usually within 7 days!

-You don't have to make any repairs or staging - the iBuyer will do that for you.

-You don't have to deal with realtors or open houses.

-The process is completely digital and can be done from the comfort of your own home.


- You might not get as much money for your home as you would if you sold it through traditional means.

- You might not be able to choose your own closing date - the iBuyer will set that for you based on their schedule.

Conclusion: Selling your home to an iBuyer can be a convenient option if you need to sell quickly and don't want to deal with any of the hassle or expense of traditional selling methods. However, it's important to keep in mind that you might not get as much money for your home as you would if you sold it through a realtor. If you're not sure whether selling to an iBuyer is right for you, consult with a real estate professional for advice.

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